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Attract Top Talent With the Right Recruitment Strategy | The Sourcery Webinar

. 1 min read

It’s not easy convincing top talent to take a chance and join an early-stage startup. So how do enterprises like Coinbase, Slack and ClassPass make their critical early hires? Since we began helping startups scale, The Sourcery has been addressing this very question. There's a solid pathway to filling the roles in your company with the right talent. But we don’t just recruit new hires, we help you develop a talent strategy and put a recruiting process in place that allows your organization to grow.

Tune in to this must-see webinar to find out how to best position your company for success and land the top talent you need.

Links to Highlighted Key Points  

6:38 Don’t pursue impossible “unicorn” candidates. Define who you want to hire by making a realistic prioritization of skill sets you need.

12:50 Create a target profile and a custom pitch to appeal to each candidate profile type. Remember, you’re “selling” the position.

16:55 Use the advantages of your unique startup workplace culture to entice candidates.

24:35 Translate your startup’s pitch points into a memorable employer brand.  

39:04 Establish an interview plan. Which person in your organization will interview candidates to confirm each needed skill set? Don’t repeat the same questions.

52:15 Calculate how many leads you will need at the top of the funnel given average conversion rates.

54:25 Summary of all key points in the presentation, followed by an audience Q&A.

About The Sourcery:  

For nearly a decade, The Sourcery has partnered with 350+ venture-backed startups to support recruitment, hiring and growth. Both early and later stage companies can benefit from their services. With The Sourcery, you can outsource an interim talent team, or simply augment your existing teams with added recruiting bandwidth.

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