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OnePiece Work Seattle

. 3 min read

OnePiece Work Seattle has officially opened in the tech hub of the Pacific Northwest! Guests were welcomed into the tropics despite being in the Rainy City. Many talented tech entrepreneurs, architects, scientists from Amazon, Uber, Microsoft, Google, and creative bodies were featured in welcoming in our new office space here in Seattle. Innovators such as 6crickets, Seattle Food Tech, and Wyze held a panel to share their stories of their success as the melodious Windsong Trio serenaded in the background as the night went on.

Named one of “Fortune China’s 40 under 40 Venture Capitalists,” OnePiece Work Co-Founder Wei Guo started off the evening by introducing OnePiece’s mission statement and goals- Celebrating the innovative minds of Tech Entrepreneurs by providing them with a space that breeds creativity that is cross-border.

We stand for our mission statement so much so that OnePiece Work is excited to be incubating 6crickets and Seattle Food Tech.


6crickets headed up by Dr. Helen Wang, former Chief Security Advisor for over 14 years, earned her Doctorate in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. She hosts an impressive 23 years of experience in her field.

Dr. Wang founded an online platform that consolidates all available information regarding summer camps, summer schools, school districts, and informs parent’s of their children’s needs. This online request form matches students to top quality extracurricular resources. 6crickets brings enriching activities to children through technology in their after school programs. They believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn, create and thrive, especially when they’re not in school.

Seattle Food Tech

Seattle Food Tech founder Christie Lagally boasts over 15 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering, focusing in Aeronautics and Space. She has worked on high-profile projects such as developing multi-million dollar Boeing technologies, as well as being active in Non-Profit endeavors for women’s rights and animal welfare.

Christie founded Seattle Food Tech when she came across the challenging task of producing vegetarian meats that are more eco-friendly and morally responsible. Guests at the launch party were treated to a delicious surprise when they found out that the chicken nuggets that were served, weren’t actually chicken!


We were also honored to have Tianqiang Liu speak at our launch party. Tianqiang serves as Chief Architect Officer at Wyze, a Series A start-up whose impressive camera sales exceeded $1.7 million last year. Liu has founded a series of successful ventures – the latest one, specializing in Artificial Intelligence, was recently acquired by Amazon. He shared first-hand experience in starting up ventures in the US, and guiding entrepreneurs on their way to achieving cross-border dreams.

We at OnePiece Work Seattle are proud to be at the forefront of cross-border tech innovations. Trust your crazy ideas and join our family!